Wireless Web: What’s the Impact on Your E-Business?

All phones are created equal, but some are more equal than others. From Canada and California to
Japan and Korea, Internet-enabled mobile phones are rapidly ushering in the next generation of online
commerce: “m-commerce” or Mobile-commerce.

“The wireless world is a parallel universe almost as large as the Net — and the two are beginning a
fascinating convergence,. are according to Swapnil Shah, Director of international operations at Inktomi.
Three sets of devices are Emerging as wireless Internet platforms: cell phones, PDAs (personal digital
assistants like Palm Pilot) other dedicated devices (such as digital cameras and Walkman radios).

Mobile e-commerce services — “me-services” — have slightly different attributes than the Internet services
we think of today, says Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. They must enable customers to conduct
“burst transactions” — that is, short-session, information-driven transactions that can be completed very
quickly, while people are on the go
and in motion.

Market Forecasts

According to market forecasts from Jupiter, Forrester and IDC, between 50 to 70 per cent of Internet
users worldwide will be accessing the Net via mobile devices in https://www.aloeveraproductsshop.eu/

the year 2003; the number of Internet-
enabled devices then would range from 150 to 350 million units. Ads in the form of text links, micro
banners and audio jingles on WMI (wireless mobile Internet) networks are expected to cross the $1 billion
mark within two years.

Reports from Ericsson suggest that the sale of mobile phones worldwide will in a few years exceed the
PC market by four times. 50 per cent of Europeans are expected to have mobiles by year 2003. And by
2002, third-generation networks know