What side effects can be expected from the medications prescribed after transplant?

Failure to comply with immunosuppressants medications is the major cause of graft failure. However, close follow-up with the transplant team can result in the best outcome. Careful attention to medicine schedule, changes in lifestyle, healthy eating, and regular physical activity can all result in prolonging life after the successful transplantation.

How much liver transplant cost in India? On average, the cost of liver transplant in India ranges between 20 lakh-30 lakh INR. The cost is lesser when compared to other western countries https://clicdanstaville.fr/ in terms of the same treatment and care in the hospital.

Medications are prescribed after the liver transplant to fight infection, prevent the rejection of the foreign liver, and treat other side effects of immunosuppressants (anti-rejection). Patients after getting discharged from the hospital need to take 7-10 medicines after the operation. As the patient recovers and heals, the number of doses reduces with time. Within 6 months, the medicines come down to 1-2 doses daily.

However, in all cases, immunosuppressant medications are taken for long life to prevent rejection and boost the body’s immunity system. It is important to take the medicines at the specified time otherwise failing to take the right dose at the right time can result in organ failure and rejection which can be life-threatening.