Symptoms of the Common Cancers

Not surprisingly, even more people could survive cancer if they knew the common signs and symptoms to look for because the earlier that cancer is diagnosed the better the chance of curing it.

This article will outline the main symptoms that are often experienced by sufferers of the most common forms of cancer. These symptoms can vary between people and so it may be that while some people experience all of the symptoms others may only have one or two.

Most common cancer in males· Prostate cancerMost common cancer in females· Breast cancerMost prevalent cancers common to both males and females· Lung cancer · Colon/rectal cancerBelow are the most common symptoms that a sufferer of these cancers may experience and which may help to secure an early diagnosis:

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer The early symptoms of prostate cancer are often ignored until they start to become a nuisance. These symptoms include:

An inability to urinate even though the sufferer has an urge to go
Prolonged urination that may take longer than normal to complete
Frequent urination that gets worse during the night hours
The feeling of needing to pass more urine even though there is none left
Slight incontinence caused by the bladder failing to release the last drops of urineUnfortunately the same set of symptoms can be caused by at least two other prostate complaints and so a diagnosis of prostate cancer is often delayed i.e. it is masked by one of the other two conditions.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer It is very rare for breast cancer symptoms to become apparent in the diseases early stages. When symptoms do occur they usually only affect one breast and may include:

· A lump in the breast which is usually painless and may be located deep within the breast tissue or just under the skin · Dimpling of the skin in the area of the lump, or swelling of the skin with an ‘orange peel’ appearance · Inversion of the nipple · A bloodstained nipple dischargeIf breast cancer is not treated it can quickly spread to the nearby lymph nodes and then to other organs, such as the lungs, liver and bones where it causes additional symptoms. Breast cancer statistics suggest that the number of newly diagnosed cases remains steady however the number of deaths is falling. This may be because of advances in treatment however it may also be because breast cancer awareness is now one of the major subjects in the public eye.

Lung Cancer Symptoms The symptoms of lung cancer depend on how far advanced the tumour is however the initial symptoms may include: