Steps for Housing Swap During Tour

A clear rental account is required to complete the swap. Your landlord will check your rental statement and look at the terms and conditions they need to correct. The real estate report is checked after the visit and sent to the other swapper as a sign of return.

Your landlord will guide you through the process of housing swap. You will move into your new property on the agreed date. Your landlord will inform you in writing if the change of apartment is refused. There are a few reasons why certain grounds for reciprocal exchange can be rejected, and your landlord should give you a clear reason why this is happening.

When you make a housing swap request, your landlord must check your property to make sure it is safe and that it is happy with the condition of the property. When you make changes to your property, these must be approved and the person you swap with must confirm that they would be happy to accept the changes.

Your landlord or exchange landlord may contact the landlord of the person with whom you exchange. During the exchange, make sure that the landlord is happy to accept the exchange (if you and your exchange partner have debts, for example).

We have to look at your house and meet you in person if you want to swap. We will send you a letter telling you how the housing swap will work. This can take a few weeks as we cover all landlords.

We show you everything you need to do to move into your new home. Before you can apply, you must confirm all the important criteria. You must enter the details of the person with whom you wish to holiday exchange information, including their name and address and their local authority. If one of these conditions applies, check the box to confirm and click Apply Next.

Below we show you some of the things you need to do to move into your new home. Form tenants are obliged to fill out a mutual exchange form and ask your landlord if he can provide you with the details. This is a paper form as above, you fill it in and ask for details about your house and the tenant you want to swap with.

It is important to review the proposed holiday exchange a few times before accepting it (see below). At this stage, ask questions about the exchange and your new home. After the visit, a real estate report will be sent to your exchange partner for signature and return.