Orange County Associate Photographer: How to Promote

An associate photographer can be a terrific addition to any photography business. They allow a business to take advantage of job opportunities that would otherwise have to be turned away because the owner is already booked or busy. They can bring new perspective. However, the form of the relationship and manner of promotion are items which a business owner should consider and address before publicly promoting another photographer. This article provides a list of ideas that should be considered when a business owner is taking this step.

1. What will be the legal relationship be between you and the new photographer? Will the new photographer be hired on as an employee or will you be contracting the work out to this photographer? There are advantages to both. With a hired employee you have greater control over how work will be accomplished. With a contractor you have less control but you will not need to deal with benefits, taxes and other administrative tasks.

2. How broadly will the role of the new photographer be defined? Will he meet with the clients before the wedding or photo shoot? Will he perform the photo selection and editing? Will he be taking the orders? Clarity as to the answer to these questions will prevent many future misunderstandings.

3. How will the new photographer be paid? Will you pay him piecemeal – where he gets paid so much for editing, so much for shooting and so much for meeting with the client or will you pay him by the hour? Will you offer any incentive pay – for example 5-10% of any order? The incentive pay may pay for itself with larger orders. It will provide the photographer with enough motivation to produce such an excellent product that order size is increased by more than 10%.

4. What will your policy be in terms of agreements not to compete? Will you seek an agreement preventing the photographer from performing work on the side while he is working for you or will you only require she not contact clients that come through you. It is a good idea to get the advice of an attorney before making a decision on this point.