How to Choose the Best Putting Green Turf

As you get ready to start booking tee times this summer, installing a backyard putting green built with artificial grass in Toronto is a great way to practice during the season and all year long. The key to a good backyard putting green is the putting green turf. It must play, bending, breaking, and rolling, like a real golf course. But that’s not all, when you choose the best artificial grass in Toronto and the best artificial grass supplier in Canada you can get even more out of your green. At Echoing Green, we provide high-quality putting green, custom design, and expert installation that is destined to outperform store-bought alternatives.

Here are the qualities you should consider in your search for the perfect backyard putting green.

Longevity & Durability

One of the most exciting qualities of artificial grass in Toronto is its extensive lifespan. But it’s also important that over the decades you have a backyard putting green, that its performance does not decline. If you like to practice your putt daily, a natural grass putting green will become dull and damaged over time needing repairs and intense maintenance. However