Host A Website Easily With The Best Web Host

If you want to host a website online, then you must need a web hosting account. This is not a regular expense that you have to bear every month; instead think it like an investment, the fuel of your online business.


A hosting account allows you to setup your own website and run it for business or personal purpose. I will outline the needs for a hosting account and how you can choose the best web host. Finally I will guide you to host a website yourself.

Host A Website Online With The Best Web Host On The Internet

I use hostgator to host a website. They allow you to host unlimited websites in a single account. Now days every web service provider offers unlimited hosting. The reason is that hard disk prices are getting cheaper and cheaper every day. When it comes to host a website you should not fall for just the unlimited hosting. In reality you need just a few hundred megabytes in your entire lifetime to host a website. The main thing you should take a look at is the server uptime. By server uptime I mean how much they can handle the request. With my recommended web hosting provider I was 100% satisfied with their service. They guarantee 99% uptime and they have 5 years+ records to show the proof.

If You Host A Website On The Best Web Host Then How Much It Costs?


You must be just getting started on internet hosting and want to know how much it costs. We are talking here about shared hosting service. Shared hosting means there are a number of clients who have accounts in a single computer who host a website. All data and processing power is being shared among the users. Some users use a lot of data while some use less to host a website. If you want to host a website and just one, then the price is monthly $3.96. There is of course a catch here. The catch is you get this rate if you pay for 3 years in advance. If you want to pay monthly then this charge will be around $5-$7/month. This is absolutely the best rate you will be paying because the world class support and service hostgator offers is just unbelievable.

I suggest you to take the “BABY” plan from the shared options. With that plan you can host unlimited domains and websites in a single account.

How To Host A Website Online With The Recommended Best Web Host?

Just sign up for your preferred best web host package. After you are ready with the account log in to your control panel. To host a website you just signed up for the storage, now we need to put the pieces together. There is a page creator in hostgator that allows you to quickly setup and host a website from zero. But I recommend you to go to the softwares section and click on the smiley icon. This is fantastico and using this you can setup a wordpress & host a website in minutes.