Dress Up Your Neck with 14K Gold Pendants

come in a variety of designs which are worn by both the men and the women. The pendants are designed to resemble shapes of animals, birds, hearts, cartoon characters, flowers, cars, and many other designs. The pendants are designed keeping in mind the personalities of the different people. Men and women can pick pendants that suit their personalities and speak about their nature.

Why customers love 14 carat gold jewelry


At the jewelry store, a customer will find that the 14 carat gold pendants are finely finished and polished by hand. The pendants can also be studded with diamonds and other precious stones. If the wearer wants, he or she can also have the pendants customized according to his/her choice.

14 carat gold was actually made famous and popular by the renowned artists like Run DMC and Slick Rick. 14 carat gold pendants can be worn on the 14 carat gold rope chain which look fabulous and experience high sales. Many jewelry stores do not offer a huge range of 14 carat gold jewelry simply due to the fact that people either look for cheap 9 or 10 carat gold, or the more expensive 18 carat gold. This does not mean that 14 carat gold jewelry does not have buyers. There are many people who love this gold for its unique look and less price.