Deploy A Premiere Short Video Streaming App Like Cameo For Your Users

This made the users to view the video content within two minutes duration. The cameo app is basically known as a short video platform with a premiere feature. Entrepreneurs are thriving to create an app like Cameo to get profit in the online industry.

Cameo clone is the replica of the existing short video app with a full code script. This app is exclusively for the celebrities to post their video content. The video content can be pertaining to many topics such as lifestyle, home remedies, facts, cooking recipes, and whatnot? Who would not love to look into the lifestyle of the celebrities? Through this app, the fans can have a peek into the day-to-day work process of their favorite celebrities. Therefore, it will enrich the app and grow profoundly and be the best platform for revenue generation.

Advanced Features Of Cameo Clone

Live Call – The fans can interact with celebrities, artists during the live call feature.
Browse Profiles – The users are also allowed to have a clear look into the profiles of the other user efficiency. They can also search the users in your app efficiently.
Celebrity Opinion – Our experts have exclusively built the app where the fans can get the opinions of celebrities regarding any topic. This enriches the users to utilize your app like Cameo in vast numbers.
Geo-Location – You can also add the GPS tracking system to your app. This way, the users can track the locality of the celebrities efficiently.
In-App Chat – The fans can also send a message to the celebrities with the in-app chat feature.

Winding Up

In brief, our well-experienced app developers at TurnkeyTown provide you with short video-sharing app development at an affordable price. Interact with our teams to know more about it.