Childbirth happens everywhere…one contraction after another – Article for Family Doctors

positive types of breathing in labour. The other two indicate that we are not coping well. We can learn those two and have our support people help us keep to them. These two positive breathing types can be used to focus our energy, expand areas of our body or relax parts of our body. Language or communication can move from general terms e.g. ‘relax’ to specific cues e.g. ‘soften inside your right hip.’ Non verbal communication can be established which a woman can use to cue her support person. Touch is as essential and women and her support people can learn a universal way to create deep relaxation of the inner soft tissue through Rising Touch.

Women should not have to struggle through labour or find the pain of labour (which is a very natural part of the process of childbirth) too overbearing. With simple to learn skills, based on preparation, women can respond to the concentrated work that labour requires.