Carrying out multiplication easily, speedily and executing mentally using Vedic Mathematics

There are methods, which are totally unconventional but help in Carrying out tedious and cumbersome arithmetical operations, easily, speedily and in some cases executing them mentally.


People who are deeply rooted in the conventional methods, may find it difficult, at first reading, to understand the methods.

But, these methods, based on the Sutras (aphorisms or Formulas) of Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics are simple and easy to understand, remember and apply, even by little children.

Here, we will apply a sutra of Vedic Math as applied to multiplication of two digit numbers.

The Urdhva Tiryak Sutra  (meaning : Vertically and cross-wise) :


This is a general Formula applicable to all cases of multiplication.

Using this principle, we can find the product of two numbers easily.

Multiply vertically and crosswise to get the digits of the product.

Examples will clarify the method.

Before seeing the examples, let us see the formula for finding the product of two digit numbers.


Let us say the two digits of the first number be ‘a’ (tens’ digit) and ‘b'(units’ digit).

And those of the second number be ‘p’ (tens’ digit) and ‘q'(units’ digit).

Write the digits of the two numbers one below the other as follows.

a  b          p  q

The product of these numbers has three parts which are given below seperated by ‘/’.

a  b          p  q          ——          ap/(aq+pb)/bq          ——

‘ap’ is the Hundreds’ part which is the vertical product of the first column.

(aq+pb) is the Tens’ part which is the sum of the cross-wise products ‘aq’ and ‘pb’.

‘bq’ is the units’ part which is the vertical product of the second column.

Let us see the method by examples.