Best deal that you can get from your damaged car

A Damaged car can bring huge loss to its owner or can be a dead duck sitting in a garage without any use. Few car owners either sell their cars for scrap or renovate it and sell it, while few people just do not know on how it can further be discarded or used.One of the best deals for a damaged car is to sell it to buyers, who are willing to buy. It is itself an art or an ability to sell a damaged car and earn some money. Car experts suggest, that an assessment should be made on the condition and damage caused on the car before getting an estimated cost for the repair that may come. Repair is necessary for making car in a working condition.If the car repair costs are higher than the selling price quoted, then, it is best to keep the selling price low and negotiate with the buyer for a mutual cost deal. Junkyards can also be contacted for selling cars, that cannot be repaired further as they also

give a good price for the damaged and now a junk car. Junk car owners are generally responsible for towing away the car to their scrap or junk yards.In that case, the junk yard people will buy various car parts with the car metal and give a good price for it to the car owner. Alternatively, there are good websites like eBay and Craigslist which can help for sale of the damage car if car owners put the car pictures after repair with estimate selling price of the carOne can get profit from a damaged car by ensuring a hassle free transaction. The car that is sold should have an easy payment system either in bank draft or in cash. The payment system can be decided on full removal of a car or by down payments. Legal paperwork should always be followed, with help of lawyers to be on the safe side of the law.There are also professional dealers who are into business of buying damaged cars. It is best for the car owner, if the car is partially repaired to sell the car and earn good money out of it from them. These car dealers then repair these cars using used parts and sell it off. But selling damaged cars profitably can only be possible, if the car owner has full information about car details like its model, color, car accessories, and the prevalent market rate for the car and how the car functions after a certain distance ride.Alternatively, the damaged car can be sold to scrap car companies who are interested in buying cars and renovating them before selling. The car owners can remove usable car parts like engine, steering, batteries and sell it separately to get a good deal. The car oil can either be discarded properly to if it is usable, can be given to the scrap company. The certificate of destruction should always be taken from scrap car companies, issued by the DVLA authorities.