The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom. Beds range from straw-filled to extravagant and rich. The early civilizations had beds that were beautifully decorated. Egyptians slept on couches that had legs shaped in the form of animals. These couches were covered with ivory, gold or paint. Since the Greeks used couches for both dining and sleeping, they were made to accommodate both. As time passed the beds became larger and ornamental. The nobility and the wealthy had elaborately decorated beds referred to as state beds. These beds were hung with silk, velvet or other fabrics. Beds often served as symbols of social rank and wealth.

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Today, a simple frame that can support a mattress is preferred by most. A wide variety of beds are available to suit varied styles and different budgets. To decide what kind of bed fits your bedroom and budget, determine the style, design and size of the bed that you are looking for. The size of the bed should be in proportion to the size of the bedroom.

Some beds have a headboard and footboard that curve upward almost shaped like a sleigh. This bed fits well in a bedroom with a low ceiling. There are four-poster beds that have canopies that can be closed at night. There are elaborate beds made of iron or brass. Some beds have upholstered footboards and headboards. These beds are designed for comfort allowing you to sit back and read.

Some beds come equipped as two beds in one. There is a second bed attached under the main bed that can be pulled out when needed. When storage is an issue, the ideal bed has a mattress that is supported by a platform with provision for drawers and space for storage. Named for its designer, space saving \”Murphy beds\” fold into a wall unit when not in use. Other types of beds include bunk beds, air beds, water beds and beds specially designed for children.

The bed is the most important feature in a bedroom. Do your homework before choosing one. The correct size and the style can definitely transform your bedroom into a beautiful space.