Asbestos in Your Workplace

Asbestos was commonly used as an insulating agent for many decades, prior to the discovery that there are serious health implications after extended exposure time. The discovery of what elements in a workplace that contain asbestos are as important as properly removing the hazard from the area. Each suspected surface should be tested for the presence of asbestos to confirm it is or is not present.

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After an area has been thoroughly tested, a Certified Asbestos Inspector should discuss how to address the hazard. Some circumstances should cause for the removal of the hazard from the air. A trained team of professionals would seal off the area. Filtered ventilation would need to be established while working within the quarantined area. Special equipment such as face masks and respirators must be used. The team must properly prepare to enter and leave the area through a staging area or clean room. Each worker must properly clean their equipment and themselves for any contaminated materials. The asbestos must be transported in specially designed bags and labels. A purpose built vehicle would then pick up, transport, and deliver the hazardous substance to a facility that has been prepped to receive and store the material. Each step in the process must be carefully monitored and prepared for. The process can be timely and costly, but remove the threat from the working environment.

Another alternative that must be carefully discussed with a Certified Asbestos Inspector would be to determine the threat level that is caused by the material staying in place. At times, the material is not in a toxic form if left undisturbed through the course of a workday. The asbestos could be located in the adhesive under the flooring, and would not be an immediate threat to the health and safety of the workforce. In this situation, it may be prudent to monitor the area containing asbestos to ensure a safe and healthy work environment is not interrupted. The Certified Asbestos Inspector would need to make timely and regular inspections to ensure the asbestos remains undisturbed.

Click hereto contact a Certified Asbestos Inspector near you to test your workplace for the presence of asbestos. The Inspector will test each surface in the workplace and devise a plan for any asbestos identified. Either plan would ensure a healthy work environment for the employees, because people being protected today help grow the business for tomorrow.